6 Of The Most Important Mistakes To Avoid As A Patient Receiving Dementia Memory Care

21 October 2022
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Receiving dementia memory care is essential for maintaining one's quality of life and health. The following are six of the most important mistakes to avoid as a patient receiving dementia memory care.

Failing to set up a daily schedule for personal care tasks and activities

Scheduling everyday activities and establishing a daily routine is the best way for a patient who is undergoing dementia memory care to keep up with personal care needs. While it's important to keep some flexibility in one's schedule, a daily routine is important for supporting the memory of dementia patients. 

Procrastinating before undergoing needed treatment

The sooner patients seek out treatment for dementia memory care, the more success they are likely to have once they begin undergoing treatment. That's why it's essential to avoid procrastinating and seek out treatment right away when it's needed. 

Neglecting to establish a safe environment where the chances of injury are minimized

Removing potential safety hazards from one's environment is the first thing that should be done as part of dementia memory care treatment. Patients with dementia are more susceptible to slip and fall injuries. 

Adding safety rails to stairs and bathrooms can help prevent falls and injuries. It's also important to take precautions to prevent fires such as ensuring that fire detectors are functioning properly and keeping a fire extinguisher at hand. 

Becoming too dependent on caregivers rather than focusing on maintaining some level of independence

While dementia patients in need of memory care services may need help with everyday tasks, they should still stay as independent as possible. Becoming too dependent on caregivers can make it so that the condition of dementia patients quickly worsens. 

Failing to spend a good amount of time socializing and interacting with others

Socializing with others provides mental stimulation. Unfortunately, some dementia patients have a tendency to withdraw from social activities. As part of dementia memory care, patients should make a point of maintaining a social life and interacting with others as much as possible. 

Not taking advantage of automated bill payments and financial reminders

Financial management can be one of the biggest challenges for patients who are receiving dementia memory care. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available to patients that can help them manage their finances and avoid overlooking important tasks such as bill payments.

Setting up automatic bill payments is one of the best things dementia patients can do to avoid financial problems. Those undergoing treatment for dementia can also designate a close family member or trusted friend who can assist them with financial tasks and help them make sure that they are meeting financial obligations. 

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