The Professionals You Have Access to in Assisted Living

13 April 2022
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If you are considering assisted living for a loved one, you may want to make a decision based on your loved one's access to other professionals. In fact, there are many people your loved ones will have access to when they live in an assisted living home.

These are some of the professionals you may expect to see in an assisted living home helping your loved one.

Pharmacist Professionals

Pharmacy professionals provide more awareness for your loved ones regarding medications. If you want to make sure that your loved one has access to medication refills and necessary prescriptions.

Dietary & Nutritionist Professionals

Your loved one's diet is an important part of staying healthy. It's about so much more than maintaining a healthy weight as well. It's also about managing health conditions like gluten allergies, diabetes, and other life-affecting diseases.

Physical & Occupational Therapists

Physical therapy will help your loved one avoid and address injury, whereas occupational therapists will help your loved one maintain and build essential skills. Your loved one may participate in therapy in their own room or in a facility's recreational area.

Hospice Workers

Hospice workers help your loved ones when they are at the end of their days. It is important that your loved ones have support at the end of life, and hospice workers can also offer pain management.

Skilled Nurses

Skilled nursing helps your loved one avoid injury and illness. If your loved one is ill, treatment can also help him or her avoid future illness. Nurses also keep track of injuries and illnesses.

Mental Health Professionals & Counselors

Often, health conditions and aging can lead to a variety of conditions like depression and anxiety. Therapists and counselors are available to help your loved one get the support they need to work through some of the difficulties associated with maintaining a healthy mental state.

Social Workers

Social workers also ensure that your loved one is safe. As people age, they may rely on additional types of support. Social workers help ensure that your loved one is safe and treated well.

Assisted Living Provides Many Benefits

If you are concerned about what types of services and professionals your loved one will have access to, you can count on a high-quality assisted living home to offer the access he or she needs. You can always schedule an appointment to discuss your options with an assisted living home as well.