How To Help Your Loved One Remember To Take His Or Her Medicine

22 April 2016
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Your loved one's medications play a major role in his or her ability to remember and think clearly. However, it can be very difficult to remember what medications your loved one is required to take and on what days. As a result, you will need to create a system that can make it more manageable to remember what medications must be taken so that your loved one doesn't forget or takes the same medication more than once.

Create A Chart

Create a chart that contains a record of the days in which each type of medication must be taken. Leave a place on the chart so that a check mark can be made. The chart should include the medication brand, the dose, how often it must be taken and the reasons for taking it.

Keep Reminding Your Loved One

The more individuals who are reminding your loved one to take the medication, the better. This is where the chart comes in handy because you do not want your loved one to take the medications multiple times because they were reminded to take it and ended up taking too much.

Learn About The Side Effects

Be informed about the side effects to watch out for as a result of taking a medication. Be aware of what the effects will be if a particular medication is taken too often so that you can watch for the side effects and respond accordingly.

Create A Master's List

Your loved one should have a master's list of all medications that he or she is required to take. Also, you should be just as informed about the medications that must be taken as well as what they are for. It can be difficult to remember what foods and beverages you can consume with certain medications. Some medications must be taken with food.

Use Pill Organizers

There are quite a few pill organizers that are not very expensive. It is easier to take several of the pills you need to take for the day at the beginning of the day. The pill organizers can clarify what pills should be taken on a specific day.

Keep Track Of How Many Pills Are Left

Not only should you track the medications that your loved one has taken, but it is important to stay on-top of when medications will run out. Otherwise, your loved one may have to rush to have the prescription refilled with only a few pills left.

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