3 Things To Consider About Short-Term Rehab After Getting Your Hip Replaced

8 January 2016
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Nursing homes are not only designed for seniors that need long-term assistance, but they can also be used for short-term rehabilitation services. If you are planning on having hip-replacement surgery soon, you may be able to benefit from this particular type of service. Here are three things to think about if you are considering staying at a nursing home for short-term rehab after your hip surgery.

It is not always necessary

Depending on your age and health, staying at a nursing home to complete short-term rehab may not be necessary. For people that are younger and in great health, recovering at home might be viable. For people that are older and have other health problems or mobility issues, attending short-term rehab at a nursing home might be the best and safest route to take.

Short-term rehab can lead to a faster recovery

If you feel that you will have problems recovering at home by yourself, choosing short-term rehab could be extremely beneficial. One reason for this is the assistance you will have while you are at the nursing home. While you may be there for rehabilitation purposes, you will also receive other types of care. You will have someone there to help you get to and from the bathroom, dining room, and physical therapy room.

Because of this, your chances of falling might be lower. If you can avoid falling or injuring yourself in other ways, it could help you recover from your hip surgery a lot faster. Depending on your health, you may be able to fully recover from your surgery within only four weeks. Of course, this will also depend on other factors, including the physical therapy you receive after the surgery.

It can be the more convenient option

If you live alone, you may find that staying in a nursing home while you recover is a more convenient option. The nursing home will offer everything you need all in one place. They will provide you with meals, nurses, and medicine, and they will provide you with a physical therapist.

This is a good option for convenience, because you will not have to worry about finding people to bring things to you or take you places.

Short-term rehab is a great option for seniors that need assistance for a short period of time. If you are interested in this, contact a nursing home that offers short-term rehabilitation services or read more online.