Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Assistance

15 December 2015
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As your parents age, it is very easy to overlook the problems they may be struggling with, especially when you live hours away from them. Even if you do live close by, you can't always be around to know when they may be struggling. Unfortunately, they may be hiding their issues from you, which can only make it harder to know what is going on. One of the biggest problems with aging parents is their risk of falling. Millions of adults aged 65 and older fall every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Should your parent experience health issues, you need to make decisions on their safety like if they should live in an assisted living facility. Here are some signs you should look for with an aging parent. 

Worsening Health Conditions

Just because your parent has some health issues, it doesn't mean that they need to move into an assisted living facility right away. Many aging adults with health issues are fully capable of living on their own. In order to decide when the parent does need help with every day activities, you want to look for clues that their condition is worsening. Dementia and congestive heart failure are two common health issues aging adults can experience.

These health problems can worsen gradually, making it difficult to understand how severe it is. You should keep an eye on how much medicine they are taking and if they are increasing their dosage. You also want to check out their decision-making. Making bad decisions with spending and safety can be clues their conditioning is worsening. You should keep an eye on the amount of leisure activities they are involved in. As their condition worsens, they are likely to reduce their activity level.The best way to know if the problem is worse enough to move your parent into an assisted living facility is by talking with their doctor. 

Difficulty with Daily Activities

It is easy to take for granted simple activities that are performed daily. When you start to notice a pattern that your parent is struggling with simple tasks, you may want to consider an assisted living facility for them. Signs can include wearing the same clothes day after day or losing weight because they struggle to prepare foods for themselves. The more time you spend with your parent, the more you will recognize what tasks they are struggling with. 

Close Calls and Accidents

Everyone experiences a close call once in a while, but when you start to notice your aging parent is experiencing them more regularly, you need to step in. You want to look for signs that they have had falls and other run-ins like bruises and scrapes. Consider other options that allow them to keep their independence before putting them into an assisted living facility like Harmony Residential Care. Things like walkers and canes can help them with balance.