4 Etiquette Considerations To Keep In Mind When Visiting A Nursing Home

8 July 2015
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If your loved one is in a nursing home, then of course you want to find time to visit and spend time with him or her as much as possible. And the truth is that there's nothing nursing home staff love more than seeing their residents happily interact with their friends, family, and loved ones. Before you show up for a visit with your loved one in a nursing home, however, there are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Respect the Facility's Visiting Hours

First and foremost, be aware of the facility's visiting hours and respect them; you'd be surprised at how common it is for family members and loved ones to think they can drop in any time of day simply because they're family. Unfortunately, visiting hours must be strictly enforced so that nursing home staff have the time and space they need to carry out their duties.

Know the Facility's Policies Regarding Gifts and Tips

It's a wonderful thought to bring a gift or even leave a tip for a caregiver who seems to go above and beyond for your loved one. Before you do, however, check with the nursing home to find out what their policies are regarding gifts and tips. Some facilities will have regulations in place that prevent them from accepting them, whereas others will gladly accept them. By finding out ahead of time, you can avoid an awkward moment.

Check Before Visiting During Mealtime

Nursing homes tend to vary from one to the next in terms of whether or not they allow visitors during mealtimes, so be sure to check with your loved one's facility before you drop in during a meal. Some will have no problem with you accompanying them while they enjoy a meal, whereas others will have strict policies that don't allow visitors during meals. Either way, respect these policies and understand that they're in place for good reasons.

Do Address Concerns Calmly and Professionally

Finally, should you find that you have a concern with the facilities or the caregivers assigned to your loved one, be sure to bring them up calmly and with the correct personnel. Often times, it's best to speak to a supervisor rather than confronting a caregiver directly, but each situation is different. Whatever you do, be sure to act professionally so that your concerns will be taken seriously and the situation can be resolved peacefully.

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