Innovative Assisted Living Facilities Designed To Meet Your Keen Lifestyle Needs

19 June 2015
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Assisted living communities are introducing new amenities that will interest you. Seniors and baby boomers have made it known that they are active citizens who want specific lifestyle features where they choose to live. Their expectations are high, and they will settle for nothing less than what they demand. Assisted living facilities, like Harbor View Home, understand your message and are responding with unique answers for your benefit.

Computer Technology High On The List Of Amenities

Many seniors, and particularly boomers, want to use computer technology in order to find new careers. Some of those careers might require you to have further education. You can do that by enrolling in online classes that prepare you for a new career. You also have the choice of pursuing continued education courses simply for the purpose of keeping you mentally alert.

A research retirement survey predicts that 76 percent of boomers plan to keep working after they retire from current jobs. That means they will be working after reaching age 65. They will be living longer lives and will also impact senior living and associated housing needs, according to the reported survey.

Assisted Living Community Costs

Trends of cost for assisted living communities could be in your favor since some facilities have been affected by the downward slide of the economy. Be aware that there are assisted living community facilities that are offering discounts on entrance fees and monthly service charges that you can take advantage of as you search for the best bargains at the best locations. They are also looking at other trends that they can emulate to offer you at their communities.

Living In Your Home With Full Concierge Service

Another form of assisted living is also being promoted, which may be just what you want. You have the choice of living independently in your home while receiving full concierge service. You will have access to rides for doctor's appointments and rides to exercise classes as well. If your home needs to be painted or if you have other appointments, a neighborhood resident will get you from one place to the other. The only limitation is that you must live in a neighborhood that runs this program.

Private Residence Spaces That Are Environmentally Friendly

Some assisted living facilities have introduced spaces to house 10 to 14 residents. You will be able to share private common spaces. This is seen as a departure from the hospital mode type of resident rooms or apartments that are historically designed on a long and impersonal corridor. Innovative facilities are creating these new personal spaces as separate houses that you will enjoy. You will have your own kitchen and dining areas. These new living spaces are designed to give you a more at-home feeling. They are also environmentally friendly structures.