4 Things That Your Elderly Parent Wants From Assisted Living

4 June 2015
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More often than not, the children of elderly parents make the ultimate decision of what assisted living facility is best for them. Instead of doing it this way though, you should consider thinking about what your elderly parent wants from it. After all, they will be the ones living in the place, and they probably want all the comforts of home and more. Here are four things that your elderly parent probably wants you to consider when it comes to choosing an assisted living facility:

Adequate Staffing:

There are some assisted living facilities that have very limited staff, which is not beneficial for the elderly living there. Many of those living in assisted living facilities would rather have more staffing to prevent loneliness and guarantee that there will always be someone there looking out for their needs. 

Pet-Friendly Policy:

If your elderly parent has a pet, you want to be sure that you are looking for a facility that will allow your parent to bring their pet with them. This guarantees that your parent is able to bring as much of the comfort of their own home with them as they want when they move into the assisted living facility. If you choose a facility that has a pet-free policy, it can lead to depression for your parent. 


When looking at assisted living facilities, you want to be sure that the staff is able to provide your parent with everything he or she needs as they age. There should be staff that is eventually able to provide your parent with extra care once they are unable to shower on their own, eat on their own, and take their medications. If the facility is not qualified for this, you will have to move your parent again and this can lead to depression, as well. You don't want your parent to become settled at one place only to have to move to another soon after. 


When your parent moves into an assisted living facility, they probably don't need as much care in the beginning while they still have the ability to move on their own. Your parent will want to be able to go outside when they want, sleep when they want and have visitors when they want. 

By keeping your parent's' needs in mind when choosing an assisted living facility (such as Harbor Lights House Assisted Living Inc), you can be sure that you end up helping to keep your parent happy and healthier.