Some Things You Need To Do Before Admitting Your Loved One Into An Assisted Living Facility

3 June 2015
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Having an aging loved one can be hard. You might have a desire to care for them in your own home, but they might require too much care and attention for you to handle. This is why an assisted living is such a great option. Here are some things you need to know about assisted living.

Get On The Waiting List Early

In many cases you have to get on a waiting list before you can actually enroll in an assisted living facility. This means that you can't decide one day that you think your loved one is ready and then take them to a facility the next. In fact, in some cases you might have to wait months until the center has room for them.

This means that if you feel like your loved one is getting to the point that they might need assistance shortly, you should start reviewing properties, choose the right one for your loved one and then get on the list. That way you are not forced to go to another center that you don't like as much because the one you wanted doesn't have room.

Talk To Your Insurance Company

Many elderly individuals have good insurance plans, but that doesn't mean that they get full coverage for assisted living. Depending on the facility you choose, you may have to pay a certain amount out of pocket each month. For many people this affects the place that they choose. Although you might fall in love with a certain place, you simply may not be able to afford it.

If you do choose to self-pay for the facility, you should talk to the financial department. In some cases they might offer discounts if you pay up front, since it can be very expensive to pay for assisted living year round.

Visit The Grounds With Your Loved One

Although you might be doing the majority of the search for the right center, you need to involve your loved one in the decision. They may be nervous and reluctant to go to an assisted living center. This is why you should let them go to the center to see a concert, meet some of the staff, or just take a tour of the rooms and facilities. The more they know about the facility, the better they will be able to adjust and be positive about the transition.

These are just a couple things that you should do before you enroll your loved one in an assisted living center like Casa De Palomas.