Why Choose Adult Day Care?

29 May 2015
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Adult day care is an alternative to traditional nursing homes that offers a protective setting in which the elderly can pass the day while their family members are busy at work or elsewhere. Centers like Alternative, Nursing Services offer other ideas for the care of your elderly individual.

This setup offers many advantages over traditional nursing homes that benefit not only the patient, but also the caregiver and the patient's family members. 

The following are some of the major reasons why family members opt for adult day care to provide health care services to a parent or elderly relative:

Frees up workday hours

One of the primary needs met by adult day care is supervision of the elderly during the workday when family members cannot be at home.

With adult day care, family members can concentrate on work responsibilities while professional health care staff watch over their elderly relatives. This provides peace of mind and convenience for family members who have been caring for elderly patients on their own at home. 

Allows for daily socialization

When patients got to adult day care during the day, they are able to get out and socialize with both staff members and other patients. Adult day care will generally provide entertainment and special activities that keep patients active and engaged throughout the day. Adult day care facilities will often also offer exercise and fitness activities that keep patients healthy and independent. 

Provides for 24 hour supervision

With adult day care, patients in need of supervision can be cared for 24 hours a day. During the workday, staff members provide supervision. In the evenings and on the weekends, patients are at home with their families. 

Keeps patients close to family

When patients reside at nursing homes, it can become difficult for family members to visit as often as they should. Adult day care keeps elderly patients at home the majority of the time while preventing them from becoming a burden to the family during the busy workday. 

Professional handling of health care needs

Many elderly patients must take medications or have certain medical procedures performed throughout the day on a regular basis. With adult day care, these needs can be met by staff members who are thoroughly trained in health care. 

Not only can medication be administered throughout the day at an adult day care facility, but balanced meals are also provided. Adult day care helps family members to rest assured that their parent or elderly family member is getting adequate nutrition.