3 Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors

28 May 2015
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One of the many benefits you can experience by moving to a retirement community is the wide range of activities available for you to take part in. Among all the things offered at many retirement communities, yoga is becoming a popular one for seniors. Not only is yoga fun to do, but it also offers a variety of health benefits.

Improvement in joint movement

Yoga is an activity that relies heavily on stretching exercises. These exercises are low impact; however, they are great for improving the use and function of the joints in your body. It is very common for seniors to experience problems with their joints. These problems may be due to arthritis or other health problems, or they might simply be there from age.

By regularly attending yoga classes, you may experience:

  • Less pain in your joints – You may actually be able to complete normal daily activities without feeling pain.
  • An improvement in your mobility – Your body parts might begin to work better than they have in years.

When you begin yoga, you may not be able to perform all the stretching exercises right away, but as you continue doing it, you may become more flexible.

Fewer problems with bone density

According to Prevention, performing yoga on a regular basis can also be beneficial for bone density. As people age, they can begin experiencing a loss of bone density, and this is especially true for women. Yoga may not necessarily help you rebuild lost bone density, but it could be helpful for stopping the effects of osteoporosis.

If you have osteoporosis, taking part in yoga could help you build the muscles around your bones, which could help stop the damaging effects of bone loss. This will not only help you stay stronger, but it will also help you improve your posture, and it could also help you improve your balance.

Less stress

If you tend to suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety, yoga could be your solution for all of these issues. Yoga is extremely relaxing and is based on stretching and breathing exercises. Mayo Clinic reports that current studies show that yoga is effective for reducing stress and anxiety, and many people find that they feel better about themselves after doing it.

Moving to a retirement community offers a way for you to stay involved and active with other people and with all kinds of activities. For more information, contact The Cedars or a similar location.